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IBCharts Privacy Policy
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IBCharts is committed to protecting your privacy rights online. Internet user privacy is a high priority for us. This statement describes what user information we collect and how we use it. IBCharts never sell or otherwise reveal any information about our users to any third parties.

  • We log access to our web site so that we can learn more about how it is being used. This information is only used in aggregate.
  • We ask the users to provide their name and email address when downloading IBCharts, if they would like to be notified of major new versions and other significant changes. Providing the name and email address is optional. If the email address has been provided, users may remove their email address from our list at any time by sending an email to with the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
  • At startup, IBCharts application attempts to connect to IBCharts server to check for new versions. During this process, the application sends to the server it's current version.
  • IBCharts does not  have any spyware components. IBCharts install does not install anything other than the program itself. Nothing runs in the background when IBCharts is not running. Everything is installed in the IBCharts folder and nowhere else.

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