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Download IBCharts 3.3 BETA

    What is new in version 3.3 BETA:
      - ShowBar studies:
        - Big Volume
        - Break Out High
        - Break Out Low
        - Gap Down
        - Gap Up
        - Inside Bar
        - Outside Bar
        - Island Reversal Up
        - Island Reversal Down
        - Key Reversal Up
        - Key Reversal Down
        - New Day High
        - New Day Low
        - Pivot High
        - Pivot Low
      - Multiple links between windows. The windows can be linked to use the same security or frequency. The links can be global, connecting windows from different workspaces.
      - Enhanced Regression Trend Channels
      - bug fixes
    ShowBar studies: Pivot High and Pivot Low.

    What is new in version 3.2 BETA:
      - New scaling type for studies: None. Studies using this scaling type will not be considered when calculating the upper and lower chart limits and can be drawn outside the chart. Used as default for Pivot Points.
      - Save & export tick data. Saving of tick data must be enabled from Security List (CTRL+L).
      - bug fixes

    What is new in version 3.1 BETA:
      -Studies and drawings over Point and Figure, Three Line Break and Kagi charts.
        They can be added as studies to charts and Multi Chart windows.
        The old Point and Figure, Three Line Break and Kagi charts will be lost during this update.
        You can recreate them manualy as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      - bug fixes
    Example: Line chart, Three Line Break and trend lines.

    What is new in BETA version:
      - drawing tools: trend lines, Fibonacci, Regression Trend Channels, Gann Fans, ...
      - historical data from IB and free Web feeds
      - new studies: Spreads, Pivot Points, Heikin-Ashi, Bressert Double Stochastic, ...
      - CandleVolume charts, Multi Chart window
      - detached windows for multi-monitor configuration
      - TWS auto startup and login
      - voice alerts
      - import external data
      - save and load templates for: windows, workspaces, ...
      - custom portfolio in Quote window
      - save table windows contents into file
      - trading hours with pause
      - printing and image capture
      - and more

    The BETA version requires TWS version 848 or newer.
    The BETA version contains new features which may not be entirely stable and can include bugs or errors.

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